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How Arike's Pot began...

I was 7 months pregnant when I lost my job a couple of years ago.
Before then I had been assisting friends and family with cooking at small gatherings for free so I had discovered my love for cooking. 
So when I stopped working it only became natural for me to take up cooking full time. I was encouraged by family and friends who pushed me to take the bold step. 
Initially I was skeptical about taking up cooking full time because I felt it was a step down from my level as a university graduate. But I quickly got over that because I genuinely loved cooking and the more I cooked the better I got. 
I also realized that I never ever get tired of cooking. No matter how much work is involved, I never feel drained. It’s more about the passion than anything else.
You know what they say about doing what you love. Cooking is fun, not work.
It’s rather ironic that as a young girl I wasn’t really allowed to cook in the family because I am left handed. In fact, My mother would send me out of the kitchen each time I tried to help. So its not like I had any prior training. It just came naturally to me. And now? My left hand can whip up a batch of Amala so fast your head will spin. Lol
Anyway, I started with advertising to friends and church members and started taking orders for packed lunches which I would drop off by myself. All with my heavily pregnant belly o. Even at the point of delivery I was still taking orders. And gradually I expanded into catering and registered the business.

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Our other services and events...

Food Surprise Packages

Surprise your friends, family, and loved ones with a Food Surprise Package from Arike’s Pot. Contents of the package are tailored to your specification. 

Event Packages

We offer budget friendly catering for both indoor and outdoor events. We cook different meals of your choice and to your specifications if need be. 

Click here to get your tickets to Arike’s Pot Food Paradise, 4th Edition.

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